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LONG-TERM QUALITY AND COMMITMENT - the core values of Svenskt Tenn have remained the same since the art teacher, visionary, and entrepreneur Estrid Ericson founded the company in 1924.

Ten years later she formed a connection with the Austrian architect and designer Josef Frank. Svenskt Tenn provided Josef Frank with a unique platform and over the years he created more than 3,000 furniture sketches and 250 pattern models, which today are signed and preserved at the archive of Svenskt Tenn. Josef Frank designed furniture and textiles, while Estrid Ericson had an eye for how to best display them. They created the elegant, colorful patterns and highly personal style that still, to this day, is the signature of the company. As much as 80 percent of Svenskt Tenn's collection consists of products designed by Josef Frank. In addition to his designs, there is also furniture and objects by some of the most skilled contemporary swedish designers and craftsmen.


"Made in Sweden" has always been, and always will be honored at Svenskt Tenn. Most products are manufactured at a small scale in Sweden and if there is ever an exception it is either because there are no qualitative suppliers, or because the production capacity does not exist in the country.

It is not only the aesthetic inheritance that makes Svenskt Tenn special, but also its corporate form. Svenskt Tenn is owned by the Beijer Foundation, with the goal that the company will live forever. Part of the surplus that the business generates contributes to research in areas such as ecological sustainability, gene and neuroscience, pharmaceutical research and Artificial Intelligence. Besides this, the Foundation also promotes cultural projects.

Ulf Linde, Professor in fine arts, once wrote about Svenskt Tenn: "Estrid Ericson's shop was much more than a business, more than a showroom - it was a detailed designed dream of a way of life." Still today, Svenskt Tenn is an ever-changing scene - in the very spirit of Estrid Ericson.